About Us

The company was established in 1999, as a result of continually depressed pig prices when selling directly from the farm to the abattoir. We decided to take processing and marketing into our own hands, and in late 1998 set about converting a nearby council unit into a small cutting and processing plant, which opened for business in March 1999.

In the early days, business was slow and very hard to build up, but as our reputation grew, and the quality of our products became consistently good, we steadily grew year on year.

In 2001, we were badly affected by foot and mouth, and then when we finally opened for business again, our local abattoir burnt to the ground, meaning that transporting our pigs to abattoir and back was a 360 mile round trip.

At this point, we needed more processing space, so the decision was made to build a combined Abattoir and processing plant on our home farm. This opened for business on the 1st August 2002, and has meant that we can work from home, in a new, modern environment in the most hygienic conditions possible.

We are one of the few farmers in the country that actually breed and rear the pigs, and process to the final stage on the same farm, including curing, smoking, cooking and prepacking.

Pigs are now fed on home grown cereals, and only have to move a few hundred yards to the abattoir, meaning a saving in fuel and benefit to the environment, and also meaning that the stress of transportation for the pigs is brought down to a minimum.

We now supply a range of customers throughout Cornwall and Devon, which we serve via our own refrigerated vehicles.

The Cornish Farmhouse Bacon Company
Tel: 01288 341171 Email: info@cornishfarmhousebacon.co.uk