We at the Cornish Farmhouse Bacon Company use a method called ‘Wiltshire Curing’ to cure our bacon. This is a method using brine. We produce back bacon, middle bacon and streaky bacon which can come either green (un-smoked) or smoked.

All our smoked bacon is smoked in house, this is done using a traditional method over beech wood chippings. After smoking the rind will have a golden appearance and a distinctive flavour.

Bacon Products that offer are:

Back Bacon
Green Middle Bacon
Green Streak Bacon
Smoked -Back Bacon
Smoked Middle Bacon
Smoked Streaky Bacon

All the above can come in ½lb packs, 1lb packs, 5lb packs or as Primals.

Bacon Rib Sheets
Bacon Mis-shapes
Smoked Bacon Mis-shapes

All our pigs are feed on home grown cereals
The Cornish Farmhouse Bacon Company
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