Our Traditional hams have no added water and are cooked on the premises using a steam cooker. They are available on or off the bone smoked or un-smoked.

Gammon and Ham products that we offer are:

Whole Hams on the bone
Whole hams off the bone
½  Traditional Ham of the bone
Sliced Ham (4 Slices per pack)
Primal Gammons
Primal Smoked Gammon
Gammon B&R in a cook bag
Smoked Gammon B&R in a cook bag
Gammon Steaks
Gammon Horseshoes
Smoked Gammon Horseshoes
Oyster Joints
Smoked Oyster Joints
Collar Joints
Smoked Collar Joints
Hock Joints
Smoked Hock Joints
Small Gammon Joints
Smoked Gammon Joints
Gammon Knuckles
Smoked Gammon Knuckles

All our pigs are feed on home grown cereals
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