About Us

The Cornish Farmhouse Bacon Company is a family run business, using traditional timeless methods in our modern processing plant, with over 20 years of experience we pride ourselves in producing bespoke products to our customers requirements. We aim to produce a high quality, reliably consistent product time and time again, along with a high level of customer service.

We deliver and supply to butchers, shops and wholesalers throughout Devon and Cornwall using our own refrigerated vehicles and friendly delivery team.

Our factory is set on our family run farm, our Large white x Landrace Pigs are fed on home grown cereals, and only have to move a few hundred yards to the abattoir, meaning a saving in fuel and benefit to the environment, and keeping the stress for the pigs during transportation to a minimum.   Where possible, Pig manures are put back into the soil, reducing use of artificial fertilizer when growing our own crops, giving the soil a full circle of life and creating a natural, highly fertile cropping system.

We are one of the few farmers in the country that actually breed and rear the pigs, and process to the final stage on the same farm, including curing, smoking, cooking and prepacking.

We are proud members of the Product of Cornwall Scheme, where we are audited by Cornwall Trading Standards, to prove that all of our products are of full Cornish origin.

We are members of ‘SALSA’ – Safe and Local Supplier Approval, who audit us annually to ensure our standards of production are of a consistently high level. We are also working towards BRC standard at present, to demonstrate an even higher level of Food safety assurance.