We have been hand crafting bacon for nearly 20 years and are dedicated to bringing the South West Bacon that we are proud of. Using traditional methods, our own special cure and our in-house smoking, we provide delicious, home reared, high quality bacon.

Bacon Range

Wiltshire Cure
We use a method called `Wiltshire Curing’ for our main line of Bacon.  Wiltshire cure is a wet cure first developed in the 18th century by the Harris family in Calne, Wiltshire. Immersed in a live brine for three days, we then allow the bacon to slowly mature for seven days. The brine is topped up and re-used over again, allowing the flavour to build up in the cure. This cure gives our bacon a subtle, salty flavour with a distinctively meaty texture.

Dry Cure
Our traditional dry cured Bacon involves a meticulous process of hand rubbing each cut of pork in our own dry cure, salt based mix. It’s then left to cure for at least five days to mature. The Bacon is then air dried for up to two days before its then sliced and ready to eat. The mild, delicate flavour of our bacon is perfect for the iconic `English Breakfast’ or the nation’s favourite, `Bacon Sarnie’.

Our award winning Smoked Streaky Bacon is just one of our many exceptional products we smoke in house. We smoke our bacon by using a traditional method over Beechwood chippings. The result is a succulent, full flavoured bacon with a delicious, subtle smoky finish.

Green Back Bacon
Green Middle Bacon
Green Streaky Bacon
Smoked Back Bacon
Smoked Middle Bacon
Smoked Streaky Bacon

All the above can come in ½lb packs, 1lb packs, 5lb packs or as Primal’s.

Bacon Rib Sheets
Bacon Mis-shapes
Smoked Bacon Mis-shapes

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"We take great pride in sourcing top quality products from local suppliers and the exceptional products we receive from The Cornish Farmhouse Bacon Company coupled with the friendly service from their team makes them a delight to deal with. To be able to supply our customers with authentic Cornish meat is imperative and knowing the Company is fully approved allows us to buy with confidence."

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